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Puran Poli

It won’t be Holi with out Puran Polis. Holi is celebrated for 2 days, day 1 is Holika Dahan which has big importance for us. For Holika Dahan bonefire is held at community ground at night. As a offering to goddess Holika, puran polis are must.You will be serve puran polis on Holi in almost […]

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Rice Flour Bread/Roti

Tandalachi Bhakri Bhakri is a staple food in Mumbai, Kokan and Goan households because rice is grown widely and it’s the main grain in their diet. It is a gluten-free option, you can use same method to make most of the gluten free bread like finger millet, sorghum, pearl millet flour bhakris. Traditionally, rice is […]

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Mumbai Ladi Pav

I can’t imagine a vada pav, pav bhaaji or dabeli without a Mumbai Laadi pav. Pav is a Portuguese gift to Mumbai. Pav (Pa-oo) means bread in Portuguese. Laadi means tiled floor. This bread once risen and baked resembles the tiles.On my every visit to Mumbai, I look forward to eating a good vada pav […]