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Fresh Cashew Masala/Bhaaji

This is a western coastal delicacy mainly from Kokan, Malwan, and Goan regions. Don’t be mistaken thinking these are raw cashews which we get in dry fruit section. This are fresh cashews which are plucked before fruit ripen, they are tender and used for Curries. Fresh cashews when cooked don’t crumble like dry cashews. I […]

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Varicha Bhaat Ani Batata Usal

Barnyard millet/ Samo rice with potato curry These is a gluten free meal. It is mostly eaten when fasting. My mom used to allow us to eat Varicha Bhaat and Usal only if we were fasting otherwise we would be served regular food. I used to fast just for the meal. 😊 But, you don’t […]

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Mutton Meatball Curry

Whenever I make Sunti, I end up making this spicy meatball curry. Because the Sunti recipe yields around 35 meatballs, I reserve about 20 meatballs for this curry. This way, I immediately end up using the masala paste and it doesn’t stay in the refrigerator for too long. You should start to add 1/2 a […]

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Kholapuri Pandhara Rassa

Pandhara (white) Rassa (curry) is a side dish from Kolhapuri region usually served with Kolhapuri Chicken or mutton. The Kolhapuri dishes are fiery hot and to soothe your palate it is usually served with mutton or chicken Pandhara Rassa/ curry. For this curry we won’t be using any red chilies. It’s very mellow curry and […]

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Shrimp Curry

This is a very traditional coastal fish curry. You will see variations of this curry from Mumbai coast, Malvan to Goa. You may substitute any fish for shrimp. Kokum/ Garcinia indica is a must for our cooking and gives its unique flavor and it’s also good for digestion. If Kokum is not available you can […]

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Madra Channa

Madra Channa is a Dhaam food from Himachal Pradesh. Dhaam food is inspired by Kashmiri Wazawan food. Dhaam food is Satwik food where there is no use of meat, ginger, garlic, or vegetables while preparing the food. Dhaam food is predominately made by using different types of lentils and beans. Madra Channa is a less known […]