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Thandai Powder

  Thandai is a drink mostly served on Holi day towards north of India. Thandai masala powder is very easy to prepare at home. Thandai is basically a dry nuts and few spices powder which is add to milk and served chilled.It is close to Maharastrian Masale Doodh which is served on kojagiri Pournima. You […]

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Watercress Seeds Energy Balls/Aliv Ladoos

These ladoos fall in the home remedy food category. Watercress Seeds are high in calcium, much higher than spinach and milk. Consumption of watercress seeds in moderate portions helps with constipation, fatigue and the common flu. If fresh coconut water is not available one may use package unsweetened coconut water or regular milk works fine. […]

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Dink-Methi Ladoo

Winter is the season to relish sweets made with healthy ingredients that provides our body the much needed fats and nutrients. Moreover, these sweets are home remedies to hydrate your body with energy, nutrients and fat which we don’t get from our regular food. In a Maharastrian household we make these laddus every winter and […]