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Fresh Cashew Masala/Bhaaji

This is a western coastal delicacy mainly from Kokan, Malwan, and Goan regions. Don’t be mistaken thinking these are raw cashews which we get in dry fruit section. This are fresh cashews which are plucked before fruit ripen, they are tender and used for Curries. Fresh cashews when cooked don’t crumble like dry cashews. I […]

Diary free Gluten free Indian cuisine Subzi/ Subzi/ Curry Vegan Vegetarian

Arbi Ki Subzi

Arbi/ Taro root is a good alternative for potatoes. You can replace any recipe which calls for potatoes with arbi.I don’t recommend pressure cooking arbi as it’s a very starchy root in comparison to potatoes. Do not overcook them otherwise they will turn very mushy and sticky. You can substitute chaat masala with amchur powder […]

Subzi/ Subzi/ Curry

Black eyed bean curry/Cavali Chi Bhaaji

I am thinking of my mom today. My mom maintains a very strict diet and always plans her weekly meals. For example, Monday, Thursday, and Saturday will be vegetarian meals. Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday’s are seafood meals and Sunday is mutton or chicken day. Every Monday, in my moms kitchen, you will be served varan […]


Batata Bhaji/ Potato Subji

Batata bhaji is a must in any Maharashtrian household. It is usually cooked for festivals or wedding celebrations. It’s a very quick and irresistible meal. I make Batata vadas with the left over bhaji. Potatoes arrived in India with Portuguese traders. Potato is called ‘Batata’ in Portuguese. It was cultivated mainly in west coast of […]