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Deviled Eggs

This is a very easy appetizer to make and it will be ready in no time. Deviled eggs are party favorites. If you skip the coloring of eggs, you will be able to make these deviled eggs under 20 minutes. Longer you leave the eggs in beetroot brine, intense pink they’ll turn. You can leave […]

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Hazelnut Financiers

These Financiers are gluten-free. They taste just like Maharashtran Sheera. Substitutes: If almond flour is not available, you can easily make it at home running 3/4 cup of whole almond through food processor. Same with Hazelnut flour. You may substitute hazelnut with pistachio or walnut too. Instead of Amaranth, rice flour works well too. Yields: […]

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Brittle is an easy recipe to make around holiday session. They make an excellent snack. You can use jaggery instead of sugar too. It’s a quick recipe to make and it comes together in no time. You won’t have time to measure anything while preparing the recipe, though. Keep a close eye on the sugar […]

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Kharvas is a custard made with colostrum milk. It can be prepared with buffalo or cow colostrum. This delicacy is originally from the State of Maharashtra. It’s very rich in antibodies and contains a good amount of fat. It’s hard to get your hands on fresh colostrum milk. You can find it in powdered form […]

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Stuffed Bell Pepper With Coconut Kadhi

Stuffed bell peppers is a creation of my Aaie (paternal grandmother). She was a master of all this quick recipes as she had very little time on her hands between all her daily chores, from working on fields and taking care of her children. Aaie was a dreamer, and the most determined woman I have […]

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Rice fryums/ Kurdaya/Papad

Each season comes with its own fruit and food to be prepared. My favorite seasons are summer and monsoon. Here in USA, I enjoy spring, summer, and fall. In India, with summer comes the humidity and scorching heat, the only relief being mangoes and berries. It’s a season for storing food for monsoon in form of […]

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Coconut barfi/ Narla chaya Vadya

This is a special post for Narali Poornima- Cocount Day, which is observe in coastal region from Mumbai, Kokan and some parts of Goa. This holiday is celebrated on a day with the full moon in Sravan month. On this day, the Koli/fishing community offers coconuts to the sea and prays to the sea god […]


Sabudana papad/ tapioca fryums

Sabudana/ sago/tapioca is not a grain. It’s a starch from the pith of tropical palm stem. Which is processed and dried in form of pearls. Sabudana is a staple in Indian household as fasting food. sabudana papad are very easy to make and can be stored up to a year. Kids love them as a […]